Kalalier - pädagogisches und nachhaltiges Kinderspielzeug, Lernspielzeug



Welcome to Kalalier's Journey: A Story of Play, Learning and Sustainability

Join us on a short journey through the history of Kalalier, where every stage is characterized by a passion for educational, sustainable toys. Discover how our vision to provide children with opportunities to learn and discover through creative play became a reality. Our story is not only the narrative of our brand, but also a tribute to everyone who has walked this journey with us - families, educators and of course the children who develop their dreams with our toys.

Kalalier - Kindesentwicklung, Gründerin Martina Ulbricht, Lernspielzeug


I'm writing you a warm hello as explorers and I'm incredibly happy that you've found us!

I'm Tine, a teacher and have been on parental leave for several years.

Together with my husband I now have 5 wonderful children aged 4 months - soon to be 9 years old, which is why it never gets boring!

As parents of our generation and during this time, we are thinking very intensively about the question of how we can accompany our children...


We (just like all of you) experienced a time about 3 years ago when we were all suddenly at home and we were responsible for taking care of our children full-time.

Of course, this new situation completely threw us off at first. We were unsettled and thought a lot about how we wanted to accompany our kids during this strange time...

...the well-rehearsed processes, movement and game concepts reached their limits within just a few days.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, it became clear to us that buying any game elements was not an option. They were all only played with briefly and then ended up in a corner.

We needed a play area that our children would enjoy spending a long time in! And if possible, all of them!

Both our almost 1-year-old little one and the 7-year-old big one...

Kalalier - Entstehungsgeschichte - Lernspielzeug, nachhaltiges Spielzeug
Kalalier - pädagogisches und nachhaltiges Kinderspielzeug, Lernspielzeug


Our children immersed themselves in really intensive play phases with natural materials that could be scooped and poured and that were interesting for the sensorimotor system.

We had a sand table in the living room for many years (!) and were always able to observe the fascinating enthusiasm and relaxing effect of free play with sand.

While observing our kids playing, the idea of ​​the expandable discovery table came about.

We specifically developed attachments with which the base of discovery can be expanded so that each of our children can adapt to their individual interests and abilities
could realize in the field of discovery.

The shining children's eyes and the countless hours of discovering free play that our discovery area has been able to experience since then speak for themselves!

The weather got better again and time restrictions relaxed, but our children continued to discover...

Of course we do too and the discovery idea has now become an incredibly great series!


There are discovery solutions for a wide variety of scenarios.

Children of all ages can play indoors or outdoors, at home in kindergarten or
on vacation, discover independently and creatively.

With a variety of great attachments, expansion options have already been created for many different interests and development phases.

While the explorer tots scoop, pour or slide, construction site fans operate the jib crane and excavator arm or creative explorers create great works of art with the color carousel.

Kalalier - pädagogisches und nachhaltiges Kinderspielzeug, Lernspielzeug