Kalalier - pädagogisches und nachhaltiges Kinderspielzeug, Lernspielzeug für Kinder

Why Kalalier?

Discover the difference with Kalalier

Kalalier: Where play and development go hand in hand

Kalalier is all about enriching children's experiences through play. Our philosophy is based on the belief that toys should be more than just a leisure activity - they are a guide for learning, discovery and personal growth.

A window to creativity and curiosity

Promote child development - Our toys are designed to not only be fun, but also to stimulate cognitive and creative development. Through active and self-determined play, we give children ways to develop their abilities in a natural and joyful way.

Commitment to the environment

Sustainable for the future - Our responsibility towards the environment is deeply rooted in our DNA. We use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to create toys that are safe for your children and the planet.

Quality that lasts

Longevity through material selection and design - Every Kalalier product is proof of our commitment to quality. We believe that good toys should stand the test of time - robust, durable and continually inspiring.

Children at the center of our work

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the gaming experience. Our products not only reflect the findings of educational research, but are also designed to awaken and sustain children's imagination and curiosity.

Passion in every development

Kalalier is about more than just selling toys - it's about creating an environment in which children can grow and thrive. Choose Kalalier to offer your children a world of discovery.

Nachhaltiges und pädagogisches Lernspielzeug aus Naturmaterialien

Kalalier is a solution for us parents
and a brilliant opportunity for our children

The idea of ​​discovery starts at a point long before we parents run out of strength!

As parents , we do everything for our children and give them a wonderful childhood
want - a happy, fulfilled, loving childhood full of wonderful and exciting things
Astrid Lindgren moments!

All of this in a given system that is based on everything possible,
just mostly not on our children...

We row with our wonderful wish in a challenging current!

We want to spend time with our children but have an endless list of to-dos.

We want to accompany them in a loving and bond-oriented way, but we usually know what to do in the chaos of everyday life
not even where our own heads are.

We want to pay attention to our energy and take time for ourselves, but we don't get around to it...

We look for relief and grasp at various straws...
However, we are usually not really satisfied with the emergency solutions we take.

But what else do we have left?

Kalalier is pausing and observing

During our attempts to find an emergency solution, we noticed that our children couldn't keep up!

Our well-intentioned offers were rejected or merely shifted the difficulties.

We became increasingly stressed and our children reflected our overwhelm and very clearly,
by demanding more and more mom and dad.

They just didn't play peacefully for hours with their Playmobil sets and even listening to audio books etc.
They were more agitated, unbalanced and frustrated...

So we started to rethink.

We started again from scratch and questioned a lot of things...

Nachhaltiges und pädagogisches Lernspielzeug für Kinder und Kindertagesstätten
Kindesentwicklung fördern mit nachhaltigem Spielzeug und Lernspielzeug für Kinder

Kalalier is completely different and much more...

We found our children relaxed, balanced and fulfilled precisely in a play area.

Namely with or in nature!

Leaves, sticks and animals are observed with an incredibly clear vision - earth, stones, sand, moss, nuts and simply everything are examined in great detail...

The most creative ideas and wonderful gaming moments arise as if by themselves.

So we asked ourselves how we could bring this gaming feeling into our home?

We quickly had an initial idea: sand!

Sand was the play element with which our children played most intensively and persistently.
This material automatically led them into a very creative, completely immersed and free game.

So we started at this point and found our solution and designed one
Space in which free and, above all, self-determined discovery was possible.

The sand was allowed into the living room and a variety of discoveries with children's eyes worked perfectly.

In our discovery area, ideas are tried out, experiments are repeated and rules are questioned.
Here children have their own space in which they can discover things independently at their own pace
that they really want to discover.

Kalalier is beautiful and fulfilling!

Over time, many different discovery elements emerged with them
Children can research, investigate and discover.

You get to know the world through play when you determine your own play
and can actively shape and determine.

If we give them unconditional space, they will share it
Use enthusiasm, imagination and a lot of perseverance!

Kindesentwicklung und Entwicklungsphasen fördern mit Lernspielzeug
Fähigkeiten entdecken und entwickeln mit Lernspielzeug von Kalalier

Kalalier is wild nature combined
with simple clarity!

The plan was to have a play area that reaches all children, fulfills them and also tolerates them.

It was clear that we wanted to be as close to nature as possible, so we needed beautiful, extremely hard wood
and at the same time as wild and natural as possible.

We found the perfect solution with robinia wood and combined it with
simple stainless steel and clear acrylic.

It is extremely important to us to preserve as much of the natural wood feel as possible!
So we work with a few selected machines and a lot of manual work.

Kalalier looks beautiful, feels incredibly great and can withstand a lot!