Jib crane

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Lifting the explorer's load works great and without any hassle.

Anyone who has construction sites at home experiences the fascination with cranes, excavators and the like every day.

Now the materials from the discovery bowls can finally be properly loaded into the vehicles waiting on the ground... The rotating slewing crane is plugged into a discovery base via the plug connection. The crane rope and carabiner can now “crane” using the rolling mechanism.

Different game levels are bridged in a playful way and linked together in a role-playing game. In combination with the Kalalier excavator arm, a great construction site area is created.

For example, your explorers can hang building materials, a small bag, basket or bowl directly onto the carabiner.


Understand technical connections, understand simple operating principles (use tools), explore natural laws and material properties.

Contents: 1 slewing crane
Dimensions: 27 cm high, 25 cm long, 11 cm wide, 0.65 kg

A notice:
Please note that all elements of the Kalalier Explorer series are handcrafted from untreated robinia wood. We attach great importance to the natural wild wood character. Since this is a natural product, there are always deviations from the product images. Every piece of wood is different and changes depending on the situation. of humidity and temperature. Drying cracks may occur and the surface will turn gray over time. This does not constitute a reason for a complaint.
After use, be sure to store the attachments separately from the table in a dry place. Robinia requires no special care and is easy to clean with a broom or by hand.

Danger! Not for children under 3 years. Long cord. Danger of strangulation!

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from 3 years





Fine motor skills

Eye-hand coordination


Robinia wood

stainless steel

plastic rope